she forgot my feet

May 23, 2008

 my very first blog entry… so I got a spray tan today and the “spray tanner” sort of neglected my feet.  I didn’t really notice until a few hours after.  I guess it’s better than a previous spray tan when I forgot I had the rubber sandals on and she sprayed right over them leaving me with a very obvious thick band across the top of my feet.   I happen to actually enjoy the result of a freshly sprayed tan, it always perks me up a bit, like a great blow out.  i do not however love standing there, arms up legs apart totally naked in a white pair of disposable underwear, and a matching white paper hair bonnet.   i get to stare at myself in the appropriately placed mirror opposite me.  this was my first time with this particular “spray tanner”  she was very meticulous I must say, she had me move my body and appendages in all kinds of positions as not to over/under spray any hidden crevasses, she also had me bend over (that was the first time) so that I would not get those weird white marks under my butt cheeks.  fun fun fun.


One Response to “she forgot my feet”

  1. dan white said

    What works best for me…and I am healthy, lean and muscular… is a vegetarian, very low-fat diet ala Dean Ornish. The advantage of eating low fat is of course that you get to eat much more food, since protein and carbs have 4 cal per gram while fat has 9 cal per gram. I eat lots of complex carbs….oats, whole wheat, bread, lentils, beans, veggies, etc. but not olives, nuts, avocodos, or peanuts which are high fat. I never really cared much for meat, so this diet works well. I do eat egg whites and drink a little skim milk with my cereal. 2025 cal per day (my quota) is a whole lot of food when you eat low-fat.

    It appears that your diet is akin to the Atkin’s Diet. It should work, but just thought I’d let you know that there are very healthy alternatives that are almost exactly opposite.

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