can i get skinny in 30 days?

May 27, 2008

ok so today i did something huge…i purchased a ridiculously expensive gym membership at a swanky fru fru gym with the hope that I can drop 20 lbs…i spend so much of my time bitching and complaining about how fat I feel… i am hoping that the additional pressure of this financial obligation will help me get my fat ass to the gym…(ok my ass is not ALL that fat..but it’s fatter than i would like…)  I also recognize that I am not grossly overweight, and I mean NOT to offend anyone who might be struggling with their weight,  no matter how much you have to lose it’s hard.  and i am thankful that i do not have that much to lose, but number one:  it’s not healthy to be 20 lbs overweight and let’s face it, it’s not so pretty.  i REALLY want to feel better about my body. i will have to put a bathing suit on in 30 days…and i want to see if i can do this. i can sometimes get too comfy and lazy and blow off committments  that might require too much activity…(wow, i sound like such a slacker)

here is my deal…I will blog daily about what I have eaten and how much I have worked out.  I will keep track of my weight loss. I hope to accomplish getting to the ym 5 days a week, 3 days a week with a trainer and 2 days in a class or treadmill…  (omg, sounds insane!)

i purchased a heart monitor becuase I have a slight heart arythmia (not really a big deal, I have only had one episode in my life of SVT or tachycardia and it was not induced by exercise (and that was years ago when I was a big time smoker)

and i also purchased one gym outfit and headphones…

today: i walked/ran on treadmill for about 28 minutes at 3.7 mph with a slight heart rate was up to about 137

starting weight: 139 5’4″ size 8/10

here is what I ate:

bfast:                           low fat greek yogurt,
                                   1/2 pint blueberries,
                                   1/4 cup hi-fiber cereal and 1 tsp honey

lunch:                          warldorf salad minus the bacon with grilled chicken
                                    and only a tiny bit of blue cheese…
                                    and very little dressing
snack:                          fresh apricot, carrots, raspberries

dinner:                         grilled chicken shish kebab, with grilled veggies
                                   non-fat red lentil soup, salad (oil and vinegar)





3 Responses to “can i get skinny in 30 days?”

  1. DR said

    Hi Mia,

    I can save you some time here.

    Unless you are in reeeeeeeeaaalllllyyyyy bad shape, that steady state treadmill work is not going to take the weight off. I know you are new to the gym, but take a look at the people that do nothing but walk/jog/cycle/elliptical. I guarantee that the best looking of them will be ‘skinny-fat’.

    That type of cardio is great for your heart/lung function, but not great for fat loss.

    You really need to bring the intensity up

    Use a hill program on your treadmill.
    Do some circuit training with weights/rubber bands/etc
    Join a body pump class – not my fave, but for a beginner it should kick your butt

    Maybe the best thing you can do is watch the real hard workers in the gym while you warm up on the treadmill. Not the naturally skinny people. The ones that earned their bodies.

    And when they are on a break, go up to them, introduce yourself, explain that you are a newbie and that you were impressed by their workout, and if they have time, later, after their workout, if they could spare 5 min for some advice.

    There are a lot of great people that work out that would be glad to give you some advice.

    But NOT during their workout

    Any questions – contact me here –

  2. Hi, nice blog site. DR’s very knowledgable about exercising and working out. Getting out of shape is something that seems to ‘sneak up’ on all of us at one time or another. Too many business dinners with drinks, too few workout sessions, or eating to relieve stress are common culprits. To lose weight, there are no quick solutions. I’ve presonally found time and time again that being healthy and fit has to be looked at as a long-term lifestyle choice. Sure, it’s hard to get into the routine of eating well, exercising regularly and creating healthy habits, but it’s always the best route to look for a ‘long-term’ as opposed to ‘short-term; solution. Some fat-burning tips that I’ve learned in medical shool: #1 when you work out longer than 25 minutes, you’re body shifts from simply burning energy in various forms of stored glucose, to burning a higher percentage of calories from fat sources. From my personal experience, anyt type of workout or activity that you enjoy will increase the likelyhood that you will continue to participate. Many people find the social atmosphere of group classes enjoyable or any thing that you truly enjoy like playing tennis, running, bike riding, or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.. Then try to keep that active hobby as your regular activity and mix things up with some cardio/resitance trainging, or pump class as DR suggests. Best regards.



  3. miarussostern said

    Thank you for your comment. I am looking forward to reading your blog, you touch on many topics that interest me.

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