guilt free dinner

May 29, 2008

I can eat sushi pretty much every day.  I don’t seem to “crave” any other cuisine in the same sick way that I crave sushi.  Of course, I think about and long for other types of food but not exactly in the same way I react to sushi.  There is nothing more *exciting* to me than eating sushi.  I am always so absolutely satisfied mentally and physically.  I think i love it so much because there is no guilt connected with eating (or overeating) sushi.  I never feel *stuffed* or uncomfortable.  

Some of my favorites are hamachi, spanish mackeral, ikura, ika and tako, sweet shrimp, white tuna.. i do like a spicy tuna handroll. My local sushi restaurant (which opened up last year, thank God!!) makes a dish that I LOVE… it’s really spectacular and yet so simple.  Thinly slcied pieces of hamachi (yellow tail) fanned out on a plate with thin slivers of red onion and jalepeno peppers in a very light vinegar sauce.  (pictured above)


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