i think that i might have visited hell

May 29, 2008

okay, so cudos to those that can endure such a class.  but for me it was a really bad experience.  a few weeks ago, before the gym membership, i decided that i would try bikram yoga!  why not?  i love yoga and this way i can sweat my butt off and lose more weight than with traditional yoga.  right?  wrong.  so wrong for me.  i read all about bikram before i went to my first class and did exactly as i was supposed to.  I hydrated myself days before the class and the morning of.  I skipped breakfast as i was told to do.

i read on the website that a bathing suit or bikini was appropriate to wear because of the amount of sweat. most of the photos i saw online of people doing bikram yoga showed people who were pretty much naked.  being the organized semi-neurotic planner that i am,  i decided that i would stop by the studio and check it out the morning before my class to see what i was in for and to also inquire about attire.  (truthfully i wanted to spy and see if people were wearing bathing suits or what?!) 

everyone was very friendly and welcoming, they explained the class to me and what to expect.  i noticed lots of “fit” looking people come into the studio, everyone wearing pretty normal workout clothing.  i asked about the bathing suit thing, and that got a big laugh.  they thought it was so funny that i might have shown up in a bathing suit.  so then they sold me some very *cool* yoga pants ($80.00) and a mat…

the next morning, i woke and had a cup of hot water with a little lemon instead of the usual coffee, and then  some more water…and off to class i went.  i plopped my mat down and stretched out waiting for class to begin… finally! i’m feeling kind of cozy in the warm room and i’m thinking… “i can do this!”  after, i don’t know, 10 minutes or so, i am really thirsty so i reach for my water, but i am quickly informed by the instructor that i should “please wait”, she likes to give scheduled “water breaks”…so i put my water bottle down.  I wanted to get the most out of the class and do the right thing.

it was definitely getting hot and i could sort of feel like my balance and endurance were both failing slightly. up to this point i had participated and made every attempt to do each pose. 60 minutes into the class, my head started to THROB. the instructor must have noticed that i was uncomfortable because she tossed me a package of an electrolyte mix to add to my water.  at this point i was afriad that i might actually throw up!  holy crap..so i laid down on my mat.  she came over and rubbed my temples and encouraged me to keep drinking…i did.  then i got up and left the room to cool off.  i sat down on the bench outside class in the cool air for a minute or two and then i threw up.  my headache grew more and more intense and i felt like i could barely drive.  i waited a few minutes and then went back to get my mat out of the classroom while everyone else was still hangin in!!!  how the hell were they doing it??!  90 minutes!  simply brutal!  i was sick in bed all day vomiting.  guess it’s not meant for me





One Response to “i think that i might have visited hell”

  1. jonathan said

    when you do workout.. just be comfortable and relax everytime when you are done doing at least one or two exercise.. just be patient all the time.. exercise is best for us..

    will keep that in mind! thank you for your comment,
    Mia 🙂

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