Day 15 of 30 day weight loss challenge

June 10, 2008

Today is day 15 of my 30 day weight loss experiment/challenge…

Current weight:  135.5

I feel successful, successful that I have (for the most part) stuck with it and have been going to the gym. The gym/exercise component has been tremendous for me, as I strongly dislike working-out.

I have lost (only) 3.5 lbs I guess it’s about average, healthier to lose slowly, but i am so darn impatient! Also, muscle weighs more than fat so that might account for the numbers on the scale.?

I am thinking about getting some of the equipement that my trainer uses (nothing fancy, just the big excercise ball and the small medicine ball) so that i can continue working at home.

I am going to start to get more serious this week about what I am eating!! Going to really cut down on dressings and oils and cheeses… I am also going to start blogging about what I eat daily. Hope it’s not too boring…but it helps to keep me focused.  This past weekend was hard for me, I catered an event in Brooklyn… and I have to taste everything I cook!!  Right!?  So that made it tough…FUN but tough.





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