day 21 of weight loss challenge

June 17, 2008

UGGGHH…dieting is so hard!!  it just sucks!  why do i have such strong attachments to food!?  i swear when i eat something delicious my eyes roll back and i go into some kind of weird food trance!  what the hell is that?!  i have really been trying hard but i had a few set backs.  father’s day was a rough one i had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and chinese food for lunch – and I have had a few naughty snacks here and there…i have however, been going to the gym 3 days a week to work with the trainer.  the gym has been working out better than i had imagined… she really makes the hour go by quickly…
if i am not on a diet then i am like an unbridled horse, i can sort of get a little crazy…i am going to start weight watchers, it keeps me healthy, focused and on track…might not be able to get to a meeting though until august…(doing some traveling)  i am still sticking with my plan, not giving up, just wish that i could see faster results, but hey rome was not built in a day…


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