very fast weight loss?

June 22, 2008

So the 30 day weight loss thing was interesting.  I definitely went on and off of my eating plan.  I would like to say that, in general, I do have overall good eating habits.  About, 85% of the food in my home is all natural and organic.  I love to cook, so most of our meals are simple, fresh and healthy.  I eat a ton of fruit and yogurt, nuts, beans, grains, olive oil, very little red meat…However, a healthy kitchen does not a skinny girl make!  I would like to lose only about about 10- 15 lbs!  Shouldn’t that be easy?  It’s really not.  SO…..i went to a party the other night, and saw a friend that i had not seen in a while.  She looked great…very thin.  She explained that she has been on this program and lost the weight very quickly about 18 lbs…she said she feels great, more energized, and healthy. She is so happy with this eating plan that even though she has lost the weight she wants to continue to stay on it.  Here’s the gist…2 shakes a day and one sensible meal (sounds like slim fast), i think there is also a cleansing day (or two) in there where you only drink liquids.  Basically it’s an 11 day cleanse.  The diet not only promises weight loss, but a whole body cleanse, removal of toxins bringing you closer to perfect health.  

The immediate weigh-loss should really be my first clue to run away, but I can’t…  it’s just too tempting.  I did some research about it online, and i found several non biased regular news programs reviewing it, and the reviews were good.  I looked a little deeper and really found nothing negative, so… I am going to try it. I am SURE that if i dug deeper I would have found some negative press…but since nothing floated to the top, let’s just leave it!  I ordered the goods, they are coming in the mail, will have them in a day or two…I will surely keep you abreast.  I hope I can stay on it! 


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