June 24, 2008

the name of the diet/cleanse program whatever it is, is isagenix.  i should receive it today via UPS so maybe i will start tomorrow morning!!  ok hope i can do this.  sounds hard – espeicially since we will be summering by the beach…no cocktails?  no big yummy breakfasts!  i can do it!  

yesterday i fell off the wagon, God that is SUCH an understatement… not only did i fall off the wagon, it ran me over!  i was horrible.  i had one of those days (really the past 2 days) where i just wanted to eat whatever i wanted…you know what i mean? …i just wanted the freedom and luxury of eating!  i had a delicious hero of crusty italian bread with grilled chicken, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, pesto with pignolis, olive oil and pecorino cheese!  and homemade pizza…and a coke! there’s more but whatever…


2 Responses to “isagenix?”

  1. Jami said

    I use and sell Isagenix it’s a FANTASTIC product. Best of luck , but you won’t need luck at all.

  2. dietcleanse said

    We all have days like the one you have just described but Isagenix gives you a way to stay on track and feel great. Let’s all look fantastic on the beach this summer.
    Kim P.

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