day 1 isagenix 9 day cleanse

June 26, 2008

just wanted to post quickly…

today was really really hard for me.  i get migraine headaches quite often and today i was graced with a bad one…could have been brought on by the lack of food, or the absense of my morning coffee… whatever the reason, i stuck it out and stayed on the cleanse…

i woke up, took the accelerator pill.  it seems this pill has only natural ingredients, apple cider vinegar, pau d’arco, ginseng…thankfully it did not make me jittery.  i was a little worried about taking it, but it was fine.

 (had to run out for a bag of ice at 7:00am because my ice machine is broken) made a chocolate shake, it’s not bad; tolerable, a little hard to drink fast.  drank a ton of water all day today.  i never drink water, so this was a big task for me.  i did great.  ate the gross chocolate wafer things they like to call “snacks”.  only had 3, could not choke down the other 3…

took the 2nd accelerator pill before dinner was afraid to take it and mix with my migraine rx…so I waited, no problems.  had a nice dinner.  turkey and veggie wrap sandwich with a glass of unsweetened iced tea and a small salad.  i don’t think i was supposed to have the tea…but i had too. day one, done!  


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