day 3 of isagenix 9 day cleanse (really 11 days…)

June 28, 2008

so today was my first “cleanse” day…pretty much a day of fasting…i feel ok, maybe a little edgy and a little foggy…looking forward to going to sleep tonight, waking up and getting on the scale tomorrow morning.

i went out to lunch to a pizzeria with my family and made them dinner tonight…i sat with them at both meals and drank my water…of course it was hard, but do-able! not as hard as i might have thought, but… i am really really looking forward to day 5 which is a “shake” day…tomorrow will be another “cleanse” day.

i drank the 4 ounces of the cleanse liquid throughout the day…it’s basically a liquid nutritional supplement that helps your body detox.  it is made up of aloe vera, pau d’arco, summa root, burdock root, fennel seed, licorice root…  i also nibbled on my chocolate snacks, and again drank a ton of water…

i did also have an apple in the afternoon…  i am using my wii fit as a scale and i jumped on it this afternoon and i lost 2.5 lbs so far…


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