day 4 of isagenix 9 (or 11) day cleanse

June 28, 2008

almost done with the first 2 cleanse days…just tried to keep busy, we went to the beach in the morning for a few hours.  i sat with my family at dinner and made myself a hard-boiled egg (approved cheat).

i found a new way to drink the “cleanse for life liquid”  best to drink it straight like a shot, over ice works well.  i did not care for the flavor when i mixed it with 8 oz of water – and it’s so much harder to drink.  

again, the chocolate isadelights are amazing…i highly reccomend them.  the chocalate “snacks” aint so bad either.  hey at this point paper with butter would probably be delicious.

i will weigh in tomorrow and measure myself to see if i lost inches.  

and why are they calling it a 9 day cleanse when it is clearly 11 days!!!  very irritating.



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