morning post-day 4 of 9 day isagenix cleanse

June 28, 2008

quick morning post…will also post at the end of the day.

good morning!  wow, i really feel lighter!  i just got on the scale and listen to this…it looks like i lost about 5.5 lbs already!  let me tell you how i feel phyically and mentally…

first off, my body feels very achy, like i worked out (which i did not and have not since i started this cleanse) i am not going to the gym for the next month (on vacation, no gym) i have been walking everyday probably on average 2 miles.  aside from the achiness and mild headache, i have a huge pimple on my face.  

as for my mental stamina, it is strong.  i feel strong, from the mouth of the queen of all food obsessed people. it’s amazing that I am able do this.  i am really looking forward to tomorrow., i can eat!  i suspect that today will be very hard.  another “cleanse” day ahead of me.  maybe today i will have a hard-boiled egg.  maybe i will get a (healing) massage, it’s a nice compliment to a cleanse.

 i would like to know what i am supposed to do after the 9 day cleanse??  it seems most people switch onto the 30 day.  i am not sure if i want to continue this for 30 more days.  i will do some research and find the answers.  i want to lose the weight and then eat normally and healthfully and maintain.

oh by the way, i am having another cup of coffee this morning…(with milk!)  can’t give it up.


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