Isagenix day 5, take 2

August 23, 2008

this morning i lost another pound, for a total of 5 lbs!

i did eat more than i was supposed to yesterday.   i was supposed to fast but i ate 2 hard-boiled eggs, melon in the morning, walnuts and the isagenix chocolates. 

today i will have a shake for breakfast with the accelerator pill and a shake for lunch… a nice yummy dinner (probably sushi!) and another accelerator pill…  the shake days are pretty easy.  the shakes are HUGE, thick and filling.  pretty yummy…


2 Responses to “Isagenix day 5, take 2”

  1. Amy said

    My doctor recommends Isagenix for me, and I’ve been hesitating to do glad to find your posts, and thanks for sharing about how it’s going.

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