weight watchers core plan

August 29, 2008


me in my garden, blogging

me in my garden, blogging



OK — so my more rational, practical self has decided that the best thing really is a healthy well balanced diet.  I will try weight watchers (again)….i have done the diet before and i have had success…but the weight does come off a little slow.  clearly, a healthier way to lose and better chances of the weight “staying off”.  at heart, i am truly a health-nut.  I eat mostly organic foods, i shop daily at my local health food store and local farm.  I think that my personal library contains probably every diet/nutrition book written.  I love to read about health, wellness and medicine.  I am very proactive about my health…i love getting a “check up”  i love acupuncture and I do take a ton of supplements (when i am in my groove)…my trouble is i do OFTEN slip out of my groove and find myself in the Italian Pork store or… i bake or cook…cooking is really my therapy…i get lost and it feels so good and feels just as good to eat…guess that’s why it’s called soul food…

so…today i am doing my personal best to be well…and make smarter choices… I am going to try the “core plan”.  i have never done core before, so i am not sure what to expect.  at least, with weight watchers, it is not so terribly restrictive.  there is a nice amount of “edible freedom”. and i think that i need that.   i will report back often and let you know my progress.


One Response to “weight watchers core plan”

  1. Hi Mia,

    Not to be a stalker, but… I guess I sort of am at the moment…I just see so much potential for us to work together…I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited about it – maybe weird, but it’s (nutrition, fitness, etc) my passion. Maybe you think my previous reply was an ad or something, and I suppose in a way it was, but I assure you I have never done this before. Even though I don’t live close, I used to teach and coach at Skidmore College, some of my students and players were from Long Island… I’ve worked with people successfully through email and over the phone. Things that gave me the impression my ideas would reside well with you were: your love for cooking, preparing it for your family, appreciation for the pleasure of food, your interest in health and wellness, you seem like you really want change, and you don’t want restrictions (who does?). Why not try something new (instead of WW)? Hope you’ll give it a shot, and have a wonderful night!

    Sincerely, Colleen

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