back to weight loss!! m’lis detox

January 12, 2009

ok…it’s been a long season of bad habits and too many cookies!  i am going to try to do another detox…starting today, monday…one pre-detox day of healthy eating – no sugar, meat carbs… and then 3 days of just water, lemon maple syrup mixture and detox supplements.  here’s to day 1!! 

so far I have drank about 2 liters of water…and have taken my herbal supplements.

this morning i had 1/2 banana and for lunch I had kale salad, veggie burger, broccoli rabe and raw root veggies.  i am now relaxing with a cup of tea…and tomorrow will begin my first day of “no food” and just lemon maple water all day long…

the name of the detox is m’lis…


One Response to “back to weight loss!! m’lis detox”

  1. Mary said

    So how did you like the lemon and syrup mixture? It gave me loads of energy! How about you? Hope you are feeling great after your detox. I get my supplies at Inner Bliss by Dee. com It has changed my life. Love M’lis Products.

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