mid-day, day 1 m’lis detox

January 13, 2009

12:30 – just had a cup of coffee with milk, was getting a bad headache…

finished first bottle of lemon mixture… getting ready to make another batch to drink throughout the day.  hungy…but trying to ignore and just look toward friday night sushi!!


One Response to “mid-day, day 1 m’lis detox”

  1. Mary said

    How long have you been on the M’lis Wellness Programs? I started the Candida Program October 2008. I have lost 27 lbs. I am ready to start another M’Lis Detox. They give you lots of energy!!! I feel like a different person now. I am now that I am 27 lbs lighter!! Have you had the M’lis Body Wrap? I really enjoyed mine. I purchase all my supplies at Inner Bliss by Dee. com.

    My daughter started on the M’lis Diet Plan in June 2008. She was a size 16 and is now a size 10! She looks so slim!

    Good luck and I hope you have as much sucess as we have on the plans.

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