cleanse day 3!!

January 15, 2009

total weight-loss (i know it’s mostly water) is 6.5 lbs the morning of day 3… that might change tomowwor morning…overall, I would do it again.  it’s not that difficult.  I try to go to sleep early, so that I don’t feel the hunger at the end of the day…


cleanse day 2, mid-day

January 14, 2009

day two!  cannot wait to be done…

somehow, i know it’s crazy but when i woke up this morning and got on the scale I was 6 lbs lighter than I was 2 days ago…i know it’s all water..but wow!  i feel much better, not really tired or weak…  just miss eating.

So today was my visit to the OBGYN to have the HALO breast exam done. Ouch!
It was done in my docs office by a nurse and took all of about 10 minutes or so.
Basically, what they do is hook you up to a breast pump type of apparatus, but way more extreme, MUCH more suction. It sort of hurts, feels like someone is biting your nipple really hard and yanking on it for like 5 minutes. BUT so worth it. I will definitely do it again.

There was no fluid at all from either breast. The nurse explained that this is very good, and (thank you God!) I am not at risk. If there is no fluid then that means that the cells in the milk ducts are happy and have not made any attempt to change. If cells start to alter then somehow fluid will be detected in your duct. IF there IS fluid that does not mean that there is risk, about 50% of women who have fluid may have some abnormalities which can either be treated or watched. Either way, you will be so ahead of the game.

I’m not a health professional, just relaying info and my experience. I will have the procedure again, my doctor recommends having it done annually. So until next year…yippee!

When I went for my yearly checkup at the OBGYN, my practice was offering a new early breast cancer screening. The test is called HALO. From what i have gathered thus far, 95% of breast cancer begins in the milk ducts. This test uses a breast pump that attempts to extract liquid from the breast duct and analyze for breast disease. It can detect abnormalities in cells 7 years before they have a chance to advance into a lesion that can be detected by mammogram, mri, sonogram or self exam.
If you have family history of breast cancer (as i do), your chances of developing breast cancer are doubled or tripled. If both abnormal cells are found in your breast fluid and you have a family history your risk increased 11 times.

Insurance does not yet cover this procedure. It is supposed to be really quick and painless, takes about 5 minutes. Women between the ages of 25-55 should have it done. I think it’s a no brainer, and every woman (age appropriate) should do it. My doctor is charging me $150, a small price to pay for information…I having it done next week, I will share the experience.

here is a video and more info:
HALO video and info