12:30 – just had a cup of coffee with milk, was getting a bad headache…

finished first bottle of lemon mixture… getting ready to make another batch to drink throughout the day.  hungy…but trying to ignore and just look toward friday night sushi!!


yesterday was not really a cleanse day, it was a pre-cleanse day…but i ate very light..woke up feeling lighter and with no puffiness under my eyes!

8:00 am  so this morning i made my fresh lemon juice water maple syrup drink.  it’s pretty tasty kind of like a lemonade..maybe a little more tart.  i meant to make a cup of coffe this morning, even though I know i am not supposed to, but–i get migraine headaches.  i started to drink the lemon mixutre and then lost my appetitie for coffee…my stomache feels just a tiny but queesy…i look my morning supplements.  and that’s about it so far…will post more later.