12:30 – just had a cup of coffee with milk, was getting a bad headache…

finished first bottle of lemon mixture… getting ready to make another batch to drink throughout the day.  hungy…but trying to ignore and just look toward friday night sushi!!


ok…it’s been a long season of bad habits and too many cookies!  i am going to try to do another detox…starting today, monday…one pre-detox day of healthy eating – no sugar, meat carbs… and then 3 days of just water, lemon maple syrup mixture and detox supplements.  here’s to day 1!! 

so far I have drank about 2 liters of water…and have taken my herbal supplements.

this morning i had 1/2 banana and for lunch I had kale salad, veggie burger, broccoli rabe and raw root veggies.  i am now relaxing with a cup of tea…and tomorrow will begin my first day of “no food” and just lemon maple water all day long…

the name of the detox is m’lis…

weight watchers core plan

August 29, 2008


me in my garden, blogging

me in my garden, blogging



OK — so my more rational, practical self has decided that the best thing really is a healthy well balanced diet.  I will try weight watchers (again)….i have done the diet before and i have had success…but the weight does come off a little slow.  clearly, a healthier way to lose and better chances of the weight “staying off”.  at heart, i am truly a health-nut.  I eat mostly organic foods, i shop daily at my local health food store and local farm.  I think that my personal library contains probably every diet/nutrition book written.  I love to read about health, wellness and medicine.  I am very proactive about my health…i love getting a “check up”  i love acupuncture and I do take a ton of supplements (when i am in my groove)…my trouble is i do OFTEN slip out of my groove and find myself in the Italian Pork store or… i bake or cook…cooking is really my therapy…i get lost and it feels so good and feels just as good to eat…guess that’s why it’s called soul food…

so…today i am doing my personal best to be well…and make smarter choices… I am going to try the “core plan”.  i have never done core before, so i am not sure what to expect.  at least, with weight watchers, it is not so terribly restrictive.  there is a nice amount of “edible freedom”. and i think that i need that.   i will report back often and let you know my progress.

still no change on the scale, although i do feel lighter.  the shake days are becoming much easier to deal with.  the shakes really do fill you up…and i eat dinner early, so it comes quickly.  last night i had muscles ( in a light thai sauce, no coconut milk) steamed lobster with cocktail sauce, 3/4 of a baked potato, corn on the cob…and a small glass of red wine

here comes the hard part!  2 day cleanse ahead of me!  this is tough…and, if i do not see any weight loss after these 2 days i will scream.  can’t wait for them to be over.

bruising seem better….think it might have been a coincidence…

more later.

nothing really new to report…no change on the scale.  it’s morning.  had my coffee earlier, now I am drinking my shake.  going to have spinach today because of the bruising.  it’s high in iron and vitamin K, can’t hurt.  might even just have it for lunch with a shake AND have a “sensible dinner”.  i just realized that i forgot to add the ionic supreme (kind of like a liquid multi vitamin) to my shake…i think i need to take it.  i have been forgetting, maybe that’s the problem i might be a bit deficient.

so today i changed my routine a little bit.  i chose to eat lunch instead of dinner.  i woke up and had my shake, drank my water, ate the chocolate “snacks”  and then went to the beach for a bit.  we came home took showers and went to town for a late lunch…it was about 2:00-2:30 which really worked out nicely.  i was not hungry at all at dinner time and cooked my family a beautiful meal.  i have to say that cooking for my family is so satisfying.  i am a true foodie, a lover of food and a lover of the kitchen.  nothing will keep me away, cooking for my family gives me great pleasure.  i sat with them at dinner and drank my shake.  and now at 8:45 i am done, my only task now is to drink about 8 more ounces of water.  i wonder if there will be a change on the scale tomorrow…

tomorrow is my last shake day, then 2 more “cleanse days” and then 2 final “shake” days…

will report more in the morning.


last night laying in bed was kind of hard for me, but i got through it.  i was definitely obsessing over different things to eat, and dreaming of crispy warm garlic toast.  i finally fell asleep.

this morning i had lost another pound on the scale and measured myself with the tape measure against my starting measurments.  i have lost thus far,  almost 7 lbs and 10.5 inches.

i am having a cup of coffee with milk (not allowed) and will have my chocolate shake in a bit…

waiting to hear back from my friend at isagnix about next steps…will post what she says later today.



quick morning post…will also post at the end of the day.

good morning!  wow, i really feel lighter!  i just got on the scale and listen to this…it looks like i lost about 5.5 lbs already!  let me tell you how i feel phyically and mentally…

first off, my body feels very achy, like i worked out (which i did not and have not since i started this cleanse) i am not going to the gym for the next month (on vacation, no gym) i have been walking everyday probably on average 2 miles.  aside from the achiness and mild headache, i have a huge pimple on my face.  

as for my mental stamina, it is strong.  i feel strong, from the mouth of the queen of all food obsessed people. it’s amazing that I am able do this.  i am really looking forward to tomorrow., i can eat!  i suspect that today will be very hard.  another “cleanse” day ahead of me.  maybe today i will have a hard-boiled egg.  maybe i will get a (healing) massage, it’s a nice compliment to a cleanse.

 i would like to know what i am supposed to do after the 9 day cleanse??  it seems most people switch onto the 30 day.  i am not sure if i want to continue this for 30 more days.  i will do some research and find the answers.  i want to lose the weight and then eat normally and healthfully and maintain.

oh by the way, i am having another cup of coffee this morning…(with milk!)  can’t give it up.

so today was my first “cleanse” day…pretty much a day of fasting…i feel ok, maybe a little edgy and a little foggy…looking forward to going to sleep tonight, waking up and getting on the scale tomorrow morning.

i went out to lunch to a pizzeria with my family and made them dinner tonight…i sat with them at both meals and drank my water…of course it was hard, but do-able! not as hard as i might have thought, but… i am really really looking forward to day 5 which is a “shake” day…tomorrow will be another “cleanse” day.

i drank the 4 ounces of the cleanse liquid throughout the day…it’s basically a liquid nutritional supplement that helps your body detox.  it is made up of aloe vera, pau d’arco, summa root, burdock root, fennel seed, licorice root…  i also nibbled on my chocolate snacks, and again drank a ton of water…

i did also have an apple in the afternoon…  i am using my wii fit as a scale and i jumped on it this afternoon and i lost 2.5 lbs so far…

cleanse day cheats

June 27, 2008

i was just re-reading the info for this cleanse, you can have a snack on the “cleanse” days:

one whole food snack if you need it:

apple, almonds or walnuts, green salad with a little olive oil, hard-boiled egg