yesterday, day 5… was my first shake day after the 2 day liquid cleanse.  i could not wait for dinner!  i had my 2 shakes during the day and also a hard-boiled egg for lunch, i was so hungry and it is an approved cheat…we went out to dinner and i had a small glass of chianti, shrimp cocktail, small green salad and linguine with shrimp and scallops, i ate all of the seafood and left most of the pasta.

this morning (day 6) on the scale my weight stayed the same.  today i am going to exercise a little.  i do walk everyday, but i will add a little something to my exercise regime.

i feel pretty good about my overall weight loss so far, 7 lbs is great!!  and i do notice a difference.  

as for next steps…i spoke to an isagenix rep, and i have decided to transition from the 9 day cleanse to the 30 day program.  the 30 day program is similiar to the 9 day:  2 shakes a day and cleanse 1 day a week.  the maintenance program is: 1 shake a day and cleanse once or twice a month.  I am not at my goal yet, but this cleanse is not over yet.  my feeling is that since i am still “on vacation” with my family i will do a combination of the 30 day and the mainentance plan.  i also inquired today about substituting a bar for a shake.  mix things up a bit!  oooohh kapow!

ok that’s all for now folks!  will report back tonight.


almost done with the first 2 cleanse days…just tried to keep busy, we went to the beach in the morning for a few hours.  i sat with my family at dinner and made myself a hard-boiled egg (approved cheat).

i found a new way to drink the “cleanse for life liquid”  best to drink it straight like a shot, over ice works well.  i did not care for the flavor when i mixed it with 8 oz of water – and it’s so much harder to drink.  

again, the chocolate isadelights are amazing…i highly reccomend them.  the chocalate “snacks” aint so bad either.  hey at this point paper with butter would probably be delicious.

i will weigh in tomorrow and measure myself to see if i lost inches.  

and why are they calling it a 9 day cleanse when it is clearly 11 days!!!  very irritating.


so today was my first “cleanse” day…pretty much a day of fasting…i feel ok, maybe a little edgy and a little foggy…looking forward to going to sleep tonight, waking up and getting on the scale tomorrow morning.

i went out to lunch to a pizzeria with my family and made them dinner tonight…i sat with them at both meals and drank my water…of course it was hard, but do-able! not as hard as i might have thought, but… i am really really looking forward to day 5 which is a “shake” day…tomorrow will be another “cleanse” day.

i drank the 4 ounces of the cleanse liquid throughout the day…it’s basically a liquid nutritional supplement that helps your body detox.  it is made up of aloe vera, pau d’arco, summa root, burdock root, fennel seed, licorice root…  i also nibbled on my chocolate snacks, and again drank a ton of water…

i did also have an apple in the afternoon…  i am using my wii fit as a scale and i jumped on it this afternoon and i lost 2.5 lbs so far…


June 24, 2008

the name of the diet/cleanse program whatever it is, is isagenix.  i should receive it today via UPS so maybe i will start tomorrow morning!!  ok hope i can do this.  sounds hard – espeicially since we will be summering by the beach…no cocktails?  no big yummy breakfasts!  i can do it!  

yesterday i fell off the wagon, God that is SUCH an understatement… not only did i fall off the wagon, it ran me over!  i was horrible.  i had one of those days (really the past 2 days) where i just wanted to eat whatever i wanted…you know what i mean? …i just wanted the freedom and luxury of eating!  i had a delicious hero of crusty italian bread with grilled chicken, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, pesto with pignolis, olive oil and pecorino cheese!  and homemade pizza…and a coke! there’s more but whatever…