so today i changed my routine a little bit.  i chose to eat lunch instead of dinner.  i woke up and had my shake, drank my water, ate the chocolate “snacks”  and then went to the beach for a bit.  we came home took showers and went to town for a late lunch…it was about 2:00-2:30 which really worked out nicely.  i was not hungry at all at dinner time and cooked my family a beautiful meal.  i have to say that cooking for my family is so satisfying.  i am a true foodie, a lover of food and a lover of the kitchen.  nothing will keep me away, cooking for my family gives me great pleasure.  i sat with them at dinner and drank my shake.  and now at 8:45 i am done, my only task now is to drink about 8 more ounces of water.  i wonder if there will be a change on the scale tomorrow…

tomorrow is my last shake day, then 2 more “cleanse days” and then 2 final “shake” days…

will report more in the morning.


day 2…
woke up this morning and felt very light and kind of skinny-ish.
(can’t weigh myself, my scale is coming this afternoon via UPS, will post weight loss later.)
not as hard as i might have suspected…
drank the two shakes, one for breakfast and one for lunch. had an apple in the afternoon.
i figured out how to eat the chocolate “snacks”. you have to just nibble them slowly and drink water and somehow they don’t taste as bad. i also purchased something called isadelights. these are very yummy large chunks of rich dark chocolate that are supposed to suppress your appetite and help with weight loss. had a few of them – very satisfying.

i grilled salmon and asparagus for dinner and made a chick pea salad…
i cheated and had a white wine spritzer for dessert..oh well
i am cheating a little this morning (day 3) as well having a small cup of coffee with a touch of milk…i have to! can’t deal with the headache… today will be hard – no food, just liquid…
will post later.


Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is day 15 of my 30 day weight loss experiment/challenge…

Current weight:  135.5

I feel successful, successful that I have (for the most part) stuck with it and have been going to the gym. The gym/exercise component has been tremendous for me, as I strongly dislike working-out.

I have lost (only) 3.5 lbs I guess it’s about average, healthier to lose slowly, but i am so darn impatient! Also, muscle weighs more than fat so that might account for the numbers on the scale.?

I am thinking about getting some of the equipement that my trainer uses (nothing fancy, just the big excercise ball and the small medicine ball) so that i can continue working at home.

I am going to start to get more serious this week about what I am eating!! Going to really cut down on dressings and oils and cheeses… I am also going to start blogging about what I eat daily. Hope it’s not too boring…but it helps to keep me focused.  This past weekend was hard for me, I catered an event in Brooklyn… and I have to taste everything I cook!!  Right!?  So that made it tough…FUN but tough.




wii fit rocks

June 4, 2008

i love my new wii fit! i really do, i have to say that in some ways i like it better than going to the gym! i think it’s great. it’s competley interactive. when you begin, it asks you how much weight you want to lose, and in what time frame…it charts your progress every-time you log in and it tells you how much more weight is left for you to lose in order to meet your goal. it also keeps track of your BMI (body mass index) and it presents you with your “wii age”. when i started i was “67” and now i am “30”. whooopadeedoo

i love the hula hoops, i totally break a sweat and it’s fun! the step aerobics is funny, i like it ’cause i was always really bad at it, this way i can do it in the privacy of my own home without feeling like a loser

i still need to lighten up my diet a bit and I think i have a problem with dinner – i think that i eat too much, going to try to eat a bigger lunch and lighter dinner.
will weigh in tomorrow and post any loss…

yikes! i am catering an event this weekend, it will be really hard not to eat like a pig.

Just to post a quick update on my dieting/fitness progress…
I have been sticking to healthy choices, trying to avoid carbs when I can.
I either have greek yogurt with berries for breakfast or eggwhites with veggies.
Lunch is usually veggies, salad, lean protein olive oil
Snacks are fruit, carrots, yogurt, handful of walnuts or almonds.
Dinner is usually light; a small piece of lean protein (mostly fish) and grilled veggies, salad.

Also, I entertained this weekend (as i usually do) and for the first time I made all healthy choices! The hors d’œuvres are what usually kill me. I decided to keep the menu simple and healthy. For the first time i put out crudites and low fat dip and low fat jarlsberg cheese and whole grain pita chips. Also, i am big on grilled fruit!

I did not get to the gym this weekend, but i did get the wii fit! and so far i really like it.
will post more about it this week…so far so good have not dropped more weight but have remained the same, i feel hopeful – staying positive.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
William Arthur Ward

why does it feel like everyone on Long Island is skinny? and it’s not the teens or 20somethings…it’s the older generations, 30’s, 40’s 50’s…when i say skinny i mean SKINNY! like size 2. do they eat?

Just a quick update. It’s day four and I feel pretty good. I have been very mindful of everything I put in my mouth. However, i had 2 fresh fruit (no sugar added) organic ice pops, maybe i should have just had one. and i also had rice with dinner (sushi) and maybe i should have avoided that… other than that, i have dropped about 2 lbs…i think my clothing fits just a smidge better… and maybe my face looks a teeny tiny bit thinner…
I have not gone to the gym yet today , planning on going at 12:00 noon

more later

okay, so cudos to those that can endure such a class.  but for me it was a really bad experience.  a few weeks ago, before the gym membership, i decided that i would try bikram yoga!  why not?  i love yoga and this way i can sweat my butt off and lose more weight than with traditional yoga.  right?  wrong.  so wrong for me.  i read all about bikram before i went to my first class and did exactly as i was supposed to.  I hydrated myself days before the class and the morning of.  I skipped breakfast as i was told to do.

i read on the website that a bathing suit or bikini was appropriate to wear because of the amount of sweat. most of the photos i saw online of people doing bikram yoga showed people who were pretty much naked.  being the organized semi-neurotic planner that i am,  i decided that i would stop by the studio and check it out the morning before my class to see what i was in for and to also inquire about attire.  (truthfully i wanted to spy and see if people were wearing bathing suits or what?!) 

everyone was very friendly and welcoming, they explained the class to me and what to expect.  i noticed lots of “fit” looking people come into the studio, everyone wearing pretty normal workout clothing.  i asked about the bathing suit thing, and that got a big laugh.  they thought it was so funny that i might have shown up in a bathing suit.  so then they sold me some very *cool* yoga pants ($80.00) and a mat…

the next morning, i woke and had a cup of hot water with a little lemon instead of the usual coffee, and then  some more water…and off to class i went.  i plopped my mat down and stretched out waiting for class to begin… finally! i’m feeling kind of cozy in the warm room and i’m thinking… “i can do this!”  after, i don’t know, 10 minutes or so, i am really thirsty so i reach for my water, but i am quickly informed by the instructor that i should “please wait”, she likes to give scheduled “water breaks”…so i put my water bottle down.  I wanted to get the most out of the class and do the right thing.

it was definitely getting hot and i could sort of feel like my balance and endurance were both failing slightly. up to this point i had participated and made every attempt to do each pose. 60 minutes into the class, my head started to THROB. the instructor must have noticed that i was uncomfortable because she tossed me a package of an electrolyte mix to add to my water.  at this point i was afriad that i might actually throw up!  holy i laid down on my mat.  she came over and rubbed my temples and encouraged me to keep drinking…i did.  then i got up and left the room to cool off.  i sat down on the bench outside class in the cool air for a minute or two and then i threw up.  my headache grew more and more intense and i felt like i could barely drive.  i waited a few minutes and then went back to get my mat out of the classroom while everyone else was still hangin in!!!  how the hell were they doing it??!  90 minutes!  simply brutal!  i was sick in bed all day vomiting.  guess it’s not meant for me




i went to bed last night feeling a bit anxious about this new committment that I have made. i started to second guess myself and wondered if i could really keep up with this VERY NEW lifestyle. i finally went to sleep, it was after 12:00 and for me that is very very late.

when morning broke, anxiety was gone and i went to the gym. there is something so soothing about the morning sun that makes me feel renewed and joyful. i met with my new trainer, she preformed a fitness evaluation on me. my BP, endurance, strength and flexibility were all in the “good” range. by BMI was 24.7 which falls within normal. she weighed me: 137…my first training session will be Monday June 2.

so after our evaluation i decided to get on the treadmill and run. i ran 23 minutes, actually a combo walking and running and probably more walking than running. then i went on the elliptical machine for 8 minutes. i did sweat and my heart-rate was up to about 155…was that enough? i figure – 30 or so minutes in the beginning can’t be too bad…? (i forgot to wear my heart monitor)

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

ok so today i did something huge…i purchased a ridiculously expensive gym membership at a swanky fru fru gym with the hope that I can drop 20 lbs…i spend so much of my time bitching and complaining about how fat I feel… i am hoping that the additional pressure of this financial obligation will help me get my fat ass to the gym…(ok my ass is not ALL that fat..but it’s fatter than i would like…)  I also recognize that I am not grossly overweight, and I mean NOT to offend anyone who might be struggling with their weight,  no matter how much you have to lose it’s hard.  and i am thankful that i do not have that much to lose, but number one:  it’s not healthy to be 20 lbs overweight and let’s face it, it’s not so pretty.  i REALLY want to feel better about my body. i will have to put a bathing suit on in 30 days…and i want to see if i can do this. i can sometimes get too comfy and lazy and blow off committments  that might require too much activity…(wow, i sound like such a slacker)

here is my deal…I will blog daily about what I have eaten and how much I have worked out.  I will keep track of my weight loss. I hope to accomplish getting to the ym 5 days a week, 3 days a week with a trainer and 2 days in a class or treadmill…  (omg, sounds insane!)

i purchased a heart monitor becuase I have a slight heart arythmia (not really a big deal, I have only had one episode in my life of SVT or tachycardia and it was not induced by exercise (and that was years ago when I was a big time smoker)

and i also purchased one gym outfit and headphones…

today: i walked/ran on treadmill for about 28 minutes at 3.7 mph with a slight heart rate was up to about 137

starting weight: 139 5’4″ size 8/10

here is what I ate:

bfast:                           low fat greek yogurt,
                                   1/2 pint blueberries,
                                   1/4 cup hi-fiber cereal and 1 tsp honey

lunch:                          warldorf salad minus the bacon with grilled chicken
                                    and only a tiny bit of blue cheese…
                                    and very little dressing
snack:                          fresh apricot, carrots, raspberries

dinner:                         grilled chicken shish kebab, with grilled veggies
                                   non-fat red lentil soup, salad (oil and vinegar)