cleanse day 3!!

January 15, 2009

total weight-loss (i know it’s mostly water) is 6.5 lbs the morning of day 3… that might change tomowwor morning…overall, I would do it again.  it’s not that difficult.  I try to go to sleep early, so that I don’t feel the hunger at the end of the day…


cleanse day 2, mid-day

January 14, 2009

day two!  cannot wait to be done…

somehow, i know it’s crazy but when i woke up this morning and got on the scale I was 6 lbs lighter than I was 2 days ago…i know it’s all water..but wow!  i feel much better, not really tired or weak…  just miss eating.

12:30 – just had a cup of coffee with milk, was getting a bad headache…

finished first bottle of lemon mixture… getting ready to make another batch to drink throughout the day.  hungy…but trying to ignore and just look toward friday night sushi!!

yesterday was not really a cleanse day, it was a pre-cleanse day…but i ate very light..woke up feeling lighter and with no puffiness under my eyes!

8:00 am  so this morning i made my fresh lemon juice water maple syrup drink.  it’s pretty tasty kind of like a lemonade..maybe a little more tart.  i meant to make a cup of coffe this morning, even though I know i am not supposed to, but–i get migraine headaches.  i started to drink the lemon mixutre and then lost my appetitie for coffee…my stomache feels just a tiny but queesy…i look my morning supplements.  and that’s about it so far…will post more later.

ok…it’s been a long season of bad habits and too many cookies!  i am going to try to do another detox…starting today, monday…one pre-detox day of healthy eating – no sugar, meat carbs… and then 3 days of just water, lemon maple syrup mixture and detox supplements.  here’s to day 1!! 

so far I have drank about 2 liters of water…and have taken my herbal supplements.

this morning i had 1/2 banana and for lunch I had kale salad, veggie burger, broccoli rabe and raw root veggies.  i am now relaxing with a cup of tea…and tomorrow will begin my first day of “no food” and just lemon maple water all day long…

the name of the detox is m’lis…

weight watchers core plan

August 29, 2008


me in my garden, blogging

me in my garden, blogging



OK — so my more rational, practical self has decided that the best thing really is a healthy well balanced diet.  I will try weight watchers (again)….i have done the diet before and i have had success…but the weight does come off a little slow.  clearly, a healthier way to lose and better chances of the weight “staying off”.  at heart, i am truly a health-nut.  I eat mostly organic foods, i shop daily at my local health food store and local farm.  I think that my personal library contains probably every diet/nutrition book written.  I love to read about health, wellness and medicine.  I am very proactive about my health…i love getting a “check up”  i love acupuncture and I do take a ton of supplements (when i am in my groove)…my trouble is i do OFTEN slip out of my groove and find myself in the Italian Pork store or… i bake or cook…cooking is really my therapy…i get lost and it feels so good and feels just as good to eat…guess that’s why it’s called soul food…

so…today i am doing my personal best to be well…and make smarter choices… I am going to try the “core plan”.  i have never done core before, so i am not sure what to expect.  at least, with weight watchers, it is not so terribly restrictive.  there is a nice amount of “edible freedom”. and i think that i need that.   i will report back often and let you know my progress.

Isagenix day 5, take 2

August 23, 2008

this morning i lost another pound, for a total of 5 lbs!

i did eat more than i was supposed to yesterday.   i was supposed to fast but i ate 2 hard-boiled eggs, melon in the morning, walnuts and the isagenix chocolates. 

today i will have a shake for breakfast with the accelerator pill and a shake for lunch… a nice yummy dinner (probably sushi!) and another accelerator pill…  the shake days are pretty easy.  the shakes are HUGE, thick and filling.  pretty yummy…

isagenix cleanse, take 2!

August 21, 2008

ok, so it’s been about 2 months since the last cleanse…and yes i gained most of the weight that i lost back, BUT…i was terrible.  so I am going to give it another go…do the 11 day cleanse, lose the weight and then go to smaller, healthier meals and see if I can keep it off…

i am on day 3, i have lost 2 1/2 lbs already…

i lost almost another pound!!  today is a shake day…so tomorrow will be my last day on this diet adn so far i lost almost 9 lbs…ok i am too tired this morning, can’t write.  having coffee…will post after dinner

happy 4th of july!!

thank you!!  this morning i lost another 1.5 lbs…for a total of 8 lbs!!

it feels great to be lighter, my back feels better…  i am petite (5′ 3 1/2″) and i have a small frame…so losing some is definitely a big plus for my health. 

about the bruising, i spoke to several customer service reps last night, beacause i did notice a few more bruises.  they’re small, about the size of a dime and kind of a faded grey color.  i have about 7 of them, in various locations.  i emailed isagenix’ medical department and spoke with my contact, who is great and made a phone call to someone who should really know.  but in the meantime, no one seems worried about it.  i would normally go to my doctor, but I am on vacation…it’s not that easy.  

i have decided to start taking a multi vitamin today and some extra iron…maybe that will help.  today is my last cleanse day.  so happy about that.  

i will post new body measurements later…